Cloud hosted

OpenStudio hosted in our cloud
We take care of everything for you

Self hosted

Host OpenStudio on your own server
Set things up yourself

The DIY option

Self hosted means you do the installation on your own server and you are responsible for fixing your hosting when it breaks.

You can download OpenStudio by clicking the button below.

Please have a look at the manual for installation instructions and in case you'd like some help, paid support is offered.



We take care of all your OpenStudio needs



Get OpenStudio


We will host OpenStudio so you can access it anywhere at anytime from any device with an internet connection supporting a modern web browser


We set things up for you and install updates for OpenStudio so you're always using the latest and greatest version


We'll install an SSL certificate so you can access OpenStudio through a secure connection.

If OpenStudio is hosted under your own domain name, you should provide a suitable certificate.


Our hosting package includes 5 GB of storage space to store documents and images in OpenStudio. 

Additional space is available for €15/Month for each additional 10GB. Space can only be added in 10GB increments.

Daily backups

We create daily backups which we store for 14 days, just in case you ever need it. 

Additional services

Service Monthly
Website integration plugin (demo) €  5
10GB of additional storage € 15


​By using our hosting service, you agree to the terms and conditions for this service.
All prices are excluding VAT, if your company is based in the EU the local VAT rate will be applied for individual customers. For business customers with a valid VAT-id in their country outside of the Netherlands, invoices will contain 0% VAT and VAT will be transferred.