OpenStudio 2017.1

  • Shop option to require complete profiles before allowing purchases

  • Show orders can now be cancelled

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

Edwin van de Ven October 25, 2017Read more

OpenStudio 2017.0

  • A brand new interface

  • Big shop improvements for class cards and workshops

  • Performance improvements & bugfixes

Edwin van de Ven September 23, 2017Read more

OpenStudio 3.09


  • Shop - Donations

  • Performance optimizations through caching

  • Improved workshops API endpoint

Edwin van de Ven August 29, 2017Read more

OpenStudio 3.08

  • Shop - Sell classes (BETA)

  • Workshops - Export workshops as PDF for advertising in your studio

  • Reports - Sort current class cards by classes remaining / expiration date

  • Mailing list export for classes (MailChimp compatible)

Edwin van de Ven April 28, 2017Read more

OpenStudio 3.07


  • Staff schedule - Make one time changes to a shift on a selected date

  • System emails - Define a footer to be shown in all emails

  • Settings - Shop features, select which shop features to use

  • Reports - Retention (Thanks to Ákos Tajti)

  • [BETA] - Sell subscriptions in shop (Don't use in production yet!)


Edwin van de Ven March 06, 2017Read more
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