OpenStudio is freely distributed web based yoga studio software. 
OpenStudio will help you manage customers, subscriptions, class cards, teachers, classes, workshops and more. 
Starting from version 2 we can also host it so you don't have to do any of the installation and you have more time to do the things that matter to you.

Curious? Check out our online demo!

Online demo


We believe that in order to be truly useful, software should be developed in the open and everybody should be able to modify it to suit their specific needs because no two businesses are run in the exact same way. That is why we aim to offer a free (as in free yoga class and in freedom) alternative to closed commercial solutions. 
OpenStudio is licenced under the GPL version 2 or later.

If you like OpenStudio, please consider supporting it's development.

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Keep track of the information of your customers. Customers are shown in a searchable list and you can store basic information such as name, address and contact information as well as subscriptions, class cards, taken workshops and much more.


Schedule classes and get a clear overview in the schedule with a detailed filter function. From the schedule you can for example, set the status of a class, add substitute teachers and manage reservations and keep track of attendance.


Manage the subscriptions to the classes offered by studio easily and effectively. See the revenue generated by subscriptions and keep track of payments. 

Class cards

All class cards sold get a unique id and you can easily keep track of how many classes have been taken on each card. 


Schedule workshops and keep track of attendance, for both the entire workshop and individual activities.


Create generic tasks or link them to customers or workshops. Tasks can be assigned to users. This way you can easily keep track of who is doing what.


Use your own logos in OpenStudio to make it blend in with your company style.


OpenStudio's detailed authorization system allows you to specify who can see and do what. 

Self check-in

Allow your customers to check themselves in for a class using a dedicated touch friendly page

Staff Schedule

Schedule shifts and create a clear overview for your employees to keep track of who's taking which shift when. From the staff schedule you can manage the status of shifts and set other employees as substitutes for a shift.



OpenStudio automatically creates invoices when selling drop in classes, trial classes, class cards and subscriptions (well ok, subscriptions aren't completely automatic, you'll have to click a button once a month). You'd like to create an invoice for something else? No problem, OpenStudio let's you create manual invoices as wel.

Website integration

Integrate the class schedule of OpenStudio into your website using the OpenStudio API. Want to set it up? Please have a look at the API documentation .